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      There are many companies in the current competitive landscape of Swim, Outdoor, Fitness, and Pet. There hasn’t been much innovation in the last few years from any. The key elements we offer as a company are innovation, creative design and a management staff that has more extensive design, manufacturing and operational experience than any other full-service brand in the industry. In the Swim Category, we have the most experience in the industry today, and it is clear in the products that we bring to the market today.

      There is room in the market for a premium price brand that can offer value, high quality and unique items to all channels and consumers. We will offer a variety of unique items of better quality, features, and design than that of the current brands. In our Goggle and Swim Products, we have a clear advantage with better fit and patented features to entice the market. We were first in the Polarized and Reactor (light sensing) lens for Goggles and have led the way ever since. We continue to innovate on every technological breakthrough we conceive and make. We have also innovated in the fitness space with Kinetic and rechargeable LED for safety in our running products.


      We are focused on the consumers changing buying habits. We desire to be partners with our distribution and cater to their ever-changing needs. Many accounts are looking for specialty or margin building opportunities, and we can fill both. We also offer private label opportunities to drive margin and unique product by a specific account. Private label sourcing and distribution can have an effect on overall brand performance both top and bottom line. With a focused strategy, we will only cater to the strategic opportunities as to not spread ourselves to thin. 

Market Trends

      The market is always looking for unique items. Retailers at the same time are looking for brands to drive consumers into their stores. The consumer, in turn, is looking for value and quality items that will cater to their individualistic needs. By offering both branded and value priced alternatives, we can fill both needs at all levels. 

To capture market share, the product has to follow our Mission DNA in every aspect of the presentation. It is only when you offer true innovative design coupled with unparalleled dedication, heart, and soul that you can capture the entire market. Our approach will cater to all of these elements. 


      In order to capitalize on the many opportunities by account, we will need to have a focused marketing strategy. In the short term, we will use the following to build our brand awareness.

Swim-Triathlon and Open Water Events

      Grass root pioneering is paramount in attracting and encouraging the “hipsters.” This demographic group will assist in driving the sales of the most innovative, comfortable and performance orientated items we manufacture. We partner with all Key Tri Clubs in the country to sponsor us as a Brand. Many are currently sponsoring us in our Tri Dedication initiative. 

Active Outdoor and Fitness

We will be present in the “fun” and “family events such as Mud runs, 5/10K Walk /Runs and many events with a positive focus. We will be present to convey our commitment to being active, staying fit and leading a lifestyle that is not only healthy but also balanced in all areas.


      Our Goal is to reach 500M impressions over the next couple of years through a combination of Print, Social, and Digital medians. 

Web Site 

     We will capitalize on the internet in all avenues and offerings. We will use FB, Google, Instagram, and overall Social Media, in many  Digital Ad formats to keep up in the electronic age to drive our market position and overall success. We will maintain a “strict” MAP strategy as this will support and maintain our Innovation and unique product offerings platform. Our Web Sites remains a fantastic place to have our brand story told in detail.




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