The Sports In You

Zoggs - Innovation, Fit and Comfort

Cabana - Everyday is a Vacation

F8 - Put F8th in your Performance Gear

Kong - The World's Best Pet Toys

Brands We Operate

Stayfit, Cabana Sports, Zoggs, F8 and Kong.


Product Range


Quality High end, water, fitness and pet products. The Family is our “true” consumer. Enjoy the Freedom of the Water, The euphoria of a great workout and the closeness of Family. All priced to work in your budget.  

Stay-Fit- Enjoy all the best fruits of life by staying healthy and fit. Our products help encourage a healthy lifestyle, while promoting the benefits of exercise from social, emotional and budget conscious pricing. 

Cabana Sports- “Everyday is a Vacation” The mind set of a vacation, swimming, lying by the pool, relaxing, yet staying active all the time. A full line of sport products to include mask, snorkels, goggles, fitness, travel all at a value price. Leading edge technology at affordable retails.

Zoggs-“Innovation, Fit and Comfort” Leading  market share in Australia and UK. Unique patented innovation with a Global presence-consists of water sport Goggles and Swim Accessories

F8- "Put F8aith in your Performance Gear. Consisting of Bicycle, Motorcycle, Ski, Snowboard-cold weather performance accessories, outdoor hydration and Protective Sport Glasses. 

Kong- “The World’s Best Pet Toys”. Leader in the Pet industry in the distribution and sale of Pet Toys. We bring leading edge design and product with the Aqua Vest, Day Pack and Travel/Carrier business. 


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